06/12/2007 - 07/12/2007

Participants of the meeting
© Ahmed Skounti

This meeting, consisting of a restricted working group (8 experts), aims to work out or update definitions for about thirty concepts that are frequently used in the context of the safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage. The resulting definitions will be included in the form of “boxes” or explanatory notes within the general manual under preparation, and in the thematic manuals that will follow. It appears useful today to supplement and re-examine the definitions worked out by an international meeting of experts in 2002.

  • Background paper (English|French)
  • Invited experts:
    • Mrs Harriet DEACON (South Africa)
    • Mrs Maria Cecilia Londres FONSECA (Brasil)
    • Mrs Sudha GOPALAKRISHNAN (India)
    • Mrs Catherine H. KERST (USA)
    • Mr Chérif KHAZNADAR (France)
    • Mr Toshiyuki KONO (Japan)
    • Mr Ahmed SKOUNTI (Morocco)
    • Mr Willem VAN ZANTEN (Netherlands)
  • Final outcomes: English|French