12/01/2006 - 13/01/2006

Documenting and archiving intangible cultural heritage serve different purposes within the framework of the 2003. The expert meeting was thus convened in order:

  1. to discuss diverse ways in which the documenting and archiving of the intangible cultural heritage could be done and used for the sake of the 2003 Convention,
  2. to study the needs for documentation created by the 2003 Convention, and
  3. to establish what approaches and practices suit the best various purposes of the Convention and what new approaches have to be investigated.

Twenty-four international experts from 23 countries, representing different disciplines and different perspectives, were invited to participate in the meeting in their personal capacity for their experience in the practice of producing, processing, storing, and making accessible documentation of ICH element. It is envisaged that outcomes of the meeting would contribute towards the elaboration of thematic manuals on the safeguarding of different domains of the intangible cultural heritage, which are currently under preparation, and also offer a number of complementary and/or alternative methods and methodologies for documenting and archiving ICH for different goals.