Looking back at Kimjang Culture: A school extra-curricular project

APCEIU, ICHCAP & UNESCO (2022). Bringing living heritage to the classroom in Asia-Pacific: a resource kit. Bangkok: UNESCO Multisectoral Regional Office in Bangkok.
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This three-month history lesson plan is tailored for Korean students in grades 7-9 and offers a unique perspective by delving into the diverse practices associated with Korean cuisine, with a particular focus on kimchi. The primary goal is to enable students to comprehend the multifaceted cultural characteristics, traditions, and values that have evolved over different periods and regions of Korea. Through group work, students will develop comprehensive learning skills, encompassing the use, analysis, comparison, and integration of various learning materials. From a cultural standpoint, this lesson plan will guide students in exploring strategies to preserve and propagate their traditional heritage, thereby fostering a deep sense of appreciation and responsibility towards their cultural legacy.

Country: Republic of Korea

Pages in document: 185-186

Related project or programme: Safeguarding Intangible Cultural Heritage in Formal Education in Asia and the Pacific

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