Formulating a Community Action Plan

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This 12th-grade lesson plan centered on “Bayanihan”, serves as an exemplary model for harnessing the power of intangible cultural heritage (ICH) in education. By focusing on the volunteerism culture, Bayanihan, this lesson plan guides, inspires, and equips students with the skills and motivation needed to develop practical community-based action plans. The lesson plan underscores the essential role of ICH in sustainable development, illustrating the value of cultural traditions in addressing contemporary challenges. Through hands-on experience and information gathering within the community, students not only hone crucial skills but also establish stronger connections with their local environment, fostering social cohesion, and a sense of responsibility toward their community’s well-being. This lesson plan proved the transformative potential of ICH in education, demonstrating how cultural heritage can inspire students to become active, engaged, and compassionate citizens.

Country: Philippines