Decision of the Bureau: 7.COM 5.BUR 4.1

The Bureau,

  1. Having examined document ITH/12/7.COM 5.BUR/4 and its annex,
  2. Recalling Chapter V of the Convention and Chapter I of the Operational Directives, concerning the examination and approval of international assistance requests,
  3. Further recalling Document ITH/11/6.COM/CONF.206/10 and the Committee’s Decision 6.COM 10.2,
  4. Having further examined the revised request for International Assistance submitted by Mongolia in the amount of US$107,000 for the project Safeguarding and revitalizing the Mongolian traditional epic,
  5. Decides that the conditions established by the Committee in its decision 6.COM 10.2 for the granting of such assistance have been satisfied by the requesting State;
  6. Approves the request in the maximum amount of US$107,000 and requests the Secretariat to reach agreement with the State Party on the technical details of the assistance.