Decision of the Bureau: 4.COM 2.BUR 4

The Bureau,

  1. Recalling Article 17 of the Convention,
  2. Further recalling chapter 1.1 of the Operational Directives concerning the Urgent Safeguarding List and Decision 3.COM 10 of the Committee,
  3. Having examined Document ITH/09/4.COM 2.BUR/4 Rev. and its annex,
  4. Appoints the following as examiners for the Urgent Safeguarding List nominations following the accelerated timetable for 2009 inscriptions:


Rite of the Kalyady Tsars (Christmas Tsars)      00308

(Examiner):                 ● Lietuvos liaudies kultūros centras / Lithuanian Folk Culture Centre – LLKC

  • Slovenské centrum pre tradicnú kultúru / Slovak Centre of Traditional Culture

(Alternate):                 ● CIOFF България / CIOFF Bulgaria / CIOFF Bulgarie



Traditional Li textile techniques: spinning, dyeing, weaving and embroidering            00302

(Examiner):                 ● Craft Revival Trust - CRT

  • Edric Liang Bin Ong

(Alternate):                 ● Michael C. Howard



Traditional design and practices for building Chinese wooden arch bridges          00303

            (Examiner):                 ● Goa Heritage Action Group

  • Ronald G. Knapp

(Alternate):                  ● Federatie van Vlaamse Historische Schuttersgilden / Federation of Flemish Historical Guilds



Maxirap          00304

(Examiner):                 ● Chun In-Pyong

  •             Rachel Harris

(Alternate):                 ● Jean During




Qiang New Year festival      00305


(Examiner):                 ● Asia/Pacific Cultural Centre for UNESCO - ACCU

  • Regional Resource Centre for Folk Performing Arts (UDUPI)

(Alternate):                 ● Erik Mueggler



The Cantu in paghjella: a secular and liturgical oral tradition of Corsica 00315


(Examiner):                 ● Associazione Musa - Musiche, Canti e Danze tradizionali delle Quattro Province / Musa Association - Music, Songs and Traditional Dances from "Four Provinces"

  • Ignazio Macchiarella

(Alternate):                 ● Caroline Bithell



Traditions and practices associated to the Kayas in the sacred forests of the Mijikenda 00313


(Examiner):                 ● Harriet Deacon

  • Susan Keitumetse

(Alternate):                  ● Organisation pour la promotion des médecines traditionnelles - PROMETRA



Suiti cultural space              00314

(Examiner):                 ● Christopher Moseley

  • Stiftelsen Râdet for folkemusikk og folkedans / Foundation Norwegian Council for Traditional Music and Traditional Dance

(Alternate):                 ● John Miles Foley



The Sanké mon: collective fishing rite of the Sanké pond       00289


(Examiner):                 ● International Social Sciences Council - ISSC / Conseil international des sciences sociales - CISS

  • Mary Jo Arnoldi

(Alternate):                 ● Gérard Kedrebeogo



Mongol Tuuli: Mongolian epic        00310


(Examiner):                 ● Chao Gejin

  • Ngo Duc Thinh

(Alternate):                 ● Alma B. Kunanbaeva



Mongol Biyelgee: Mongolian traditional folk dance       00311


(Examiner):                 ● Peter K. Marsh

  • Tamil Nadu Rural Art Development Centre

(Alternate):                  ● Stiftelsen Râdet for folkemusikk og folkedans / Foundation        Norwegian Council for Traditional Music and Traditional Dance



Traditional music of the Tsuur      00312


(Examiner):                 ● Asia/Pacific Cultural Centre for UNESCO - ACCU

  • Mark Van Tongeren

(Alternate):                 ● Peter K. Marsh


Viet Nam

Ca trù singing           00309

(Examiner):                 ● Barley Norton

  • International Council for Traditional Music - ICTM / Conseil international de la musique traditionnelle - CIMT

(Alternate):                       ● Yoshitaka Terada