Decision of the Bureau: 11.COM 2.BUR 1

The Bureau,

  1. Having examined documents ITH/16/11.COM 2.BUR/1 and its annex and document ITH/16/11.COM 2.BUR/INF.1,
  2. Recalling Resolution 6.GA 9 and Decision 10.COM 8,
  3. Approves the Proposal for the utilization of the funds for ‘other functions of the Committee’ as annexed to this Decision;
  4. Requests the Secretariat to report on the progress of implementation and the way the funds are spent;
  5. Invites the Chairperson of the Committee to bring this decision to the attention of the Committee at its eleventh session.


Proposal for the utilization of the funds for ‘other functions of the Committee’ for the period 1 January 2016 to 31 December 2017

Funds shall be used in conformity with the Financial Regulations of the Special Account for the Fund for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage and the Financial Regulations of UNESCO to cover all costs in line with full budgeting principles to achieve the project’s objectives. These costs include: training, seminars and meetings; preparation of technical reports; monitoring and evaluation; subcontracts; staff; travel; equipment; and any other item necessary to implement the project’s activities.


Total budgetary allocation:


38C/5 Performance Indicator 1

Governing bodies of the 2003 Convention exercise sound governance thanks to effective organization of their statutory meetings

ICH Fund Expected Result 1

Sound governance of the 2003 Convention facilitated by enhanced knowledge management services


Budgetary allocation: US$386,900



Indicators (Benchmarks) 2016-2017


External and internal access to information increased and processes, workflows and response time optimized thanks to monitoring interfaces

Number of monitoring interfaces (B=3)


Improved accessibility and usability of Convention documents and decisions; better indexing and improved search capacities

Number of additional decision documents loaded in UNESDOC (B=8)

Number of additional decisions/resolutions referenced in the KMS (B=70)


New online functionalities for external stakeholders

Number of new online processes (B=3)


Convention website enhanced with improved navigation and ergonomics, search engine optimization and additional multilingual web content

Number of page views (B=4,500,000)

Convention website crafted to provide optimal viewing and interaction from mobile devices (B=1)

Number of new web pages published in English, French, Spanish (B=200)


Basic Texts of the Convention and other statutory publication revised and published

Publication of 2016 version of the Basic Texts (B=1)

2014-2015 Convention’s Lists published (B=1)


38C/5 Performance Indicator 2

Number of supported Member States utilizing strengthened human and institutional resources for intangible cultural heritage and integrating ICH into national policies

ICH Fund Expected Result 2

Implementation of the Convention in Member States encouraged through a strengthened capacity-building programme and guidance on safeguarding measures and good practices


Budgetary allocations: US$817,346



Indicators (Benchmarks) 2016-2017


Facilitators’ network strengthened

·         Regional workshops to train facilitators and update skills
(B=4, contingent on host-country or partner support)

·         Global workshop on review of the capacity-building programme and introduction to providing support for international assistance requests (B=1)

·         Audiovisual tutorials developed on selected topics (B=3)

·         IT functionalities updated for the capacity-building programme (B=1)


Content and format of the capacity-building programme reviewed and adapted to respond to major implementation challenges

·         Core curriculum materials updated to reflect decisions of statutory meetings (B=20 units; 3 languages)

·         Core curriculum on preparing international assistance requests available (B=1; 2 languages)

·         New curricular content developed (B=7: one unit based on new ODs on intangible cultural heritage and sustainable development and six case studies on policy processes, intangible cultural heritage safeguarding in urban settings and gender; 1 language)

·         A feasibility study on using educational technology for online learning undertaken (B=1)

·         IT functionalities updated for the capacity-building programme (B=1)


Preliminary follow-up and evaluation mechanism for capacity building piloted

·         Pilot tracer studies conducted in beneficiary countries (B=3)

·         Survey on the use of UNESCO capacity‑building materials by other institutions (B=1)


Guidance on safeguarding measures and good practices strengthened

·         Guidelines on inventories for States Parties developed, taking into account the decisions and recommendations of the Convention’s regulatory bodies (B=1)

·         Proposals collected for alternative, lighter ways of sharing safeguarding experiences to complement the Register of Best Safeguarding Practices (B=3)

·         Training materials developed to sensitize governments, communities, groups and other relevant stakeholders and intermediaries to ethical concerns in the safeguarding of intangible cultural heritage (B=1)

·         A strategy designed for addressing intangible cultural heritage in emergency situations as described in OD50 (B=1)


38C/5 Performance Indicator 3

Number of periodic reports on implementation of the Convention at national levels submitted by States Parties and examined by the Committee, and number addressing gender issues and describing policies promoting equal access to and participation in cultural life

ICH Fund Expected Result 3

Overall results framework developed to monitor implementation of the Convention


Budgetary allocation: US$50,000



Indicators (Benchmarks)


An overall results framework for the Convention elaborated

·         Preliminary category VI meeting of experts to lay the foundation upon which an overall results framework of the Convention could be constructed (B=1, co-financed by the National Commission of the People’s Republic of China)

·         An open-ended intergovernmental working group to examine preliminary recommendations of possible directives (B=1, contingent on voluntary supplementary contributions to the Intangible Cultural Heritage Fund)

·         A preliminary tool developed to systematize data collection and analysis to monitor implementation of the Convention (B=1)


38C/5 Performance Indicator 5

Number of organizations within and outside the United Nations system, civil society, and the private sector contributing to programme delivery

ICH Fund Expected Result 4

Objectives of the Convention promoted through raising awareness and outreach


Budgetary allocation: US$336,500



Indicators (Benchmarks) 2016-2017


New partnerships with relevant institutions established to integrate intangible cultural heritage in education

·         Regional workshop with tertiary education institutions organized (B=1)

·         Consultation organized with relevant education institutions on integrating intangible cultural heritage into their programmes (B=1)


UNESCO’s cooperation with WIPO or other UN agencies strengthened to ensure ongoing exchange and learning between the organizations and their Member States

Participation in meetings organized by WIPO or other UN agencies (B=3)


An outreach strategy developed to promote the objectives of the Convention and engage effectively with stakeholders

·         Partnership established for the development of an outreach strategy (B=1)

·         Outreach materials/tools designed and produced (B=2)