Enhancing capacities worldwide for safeguarding intangible cultural heritage


The global capacity-building strategy is a comprehensive, long-term engagement with Member States to create institutional and professional environments for safeguarding intangible cultural heritage. It addresses the following needs and priorities:

  • Redesign of institutional infrastructures
  • Revision of cultural and other policies and legislation
  • Development of inventory methods
  • Development of effective safeguarding measures
  • Participation in international cooperation mechanisms

UNESCO develops content and training materials and draws upon its dynamic network of trained expert facilitators to deliver capacity-building services in countries around the world.

For more details on the global capacity-building programme, download our informative leaflet: English|French|Spanish|Russian|Arabic|Chinese

Financial support welcome

We welcome all financial support to keep the momentum and expand the regional and thematic outreach of the strategy. A word of thanks goes to the different donors who have provided financial contributions, some symbolic, others substantial, to support projects for the safeguarding of intangible cultural heritage. For more information on supporting capacity-building see our donors and partners page.

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Windhoek hosts workshop on the elaboration of the nominations to the Urgent Safeguarding List
29-11-2010/03-12-2010Windhoek (Namibia)

Capacity-building workshop in Central America and the Caribbean on the Implementation of the Intangible Cultural Heritage Convention
16/18-11-2010Panama City (Panama)

Implementation of the Intangible Cultural Heritage Convention through the preparation of inventories
20/23-09-2010Libreville (Gabon)

MedLiHer - Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage in the Mediterranean Partner Countries01-2009/01-2013, Egypt - Jordan - Lebanon

A series of pilot projects in community-based intangible heritage inventorying on a grassroots-level in six selected countries in Sub-Saharan Africa09-2009/12-2011, Botswana - Lesotho - Malawi - Uganda - Eswatini - Zambia

Strengthening national capacities for effective safeguarding of intangible cultural heritage: developing nominations for the Urgent Safeguarding List in Southern Africa10-2010/06-2011, Lesotho - Namibia

Sub-regional capacity-building workshops in Central America and South America on safeguarding Intangible Cultural Heritage09-2008/05-2011, El Salvador - Panama - Peru