Safeguarding and revitalizing the Mongolian traditional epic

  • Financial assistance:
    • US$ 107,000 granted in 2012
  • Dates of implementation:
    • 30/06/2013 - 30/06/2016
  • Documents:

Benefitting country(ies): Mongolia


The aim of the project is to revitalize, safeguard and transmit the Mongolian traditional epic through a series of activities that range from a field survey on the current state of Mongolian epic, its repertoire and associated customs, to the identification and documentation of epic performers and the creation of a related database; from an apprenticeship training aiming at the transmission of skills and knowledge to a series of activities of awareness-raising and promotion.
In the assistance request and resulting contract the organization of a Central Asian Epic International Symposium was foreseen for month 25 (August 2015). The Government of Mongolia decided to organize this symposium two years in advance in August 2013. Therefore Mongolia requested the deletion of this activity from the contract, reducing by US$17,300 the total budget approved by the Bureau. The assistance is now reduced to US$89,700 for a project that is foreseen to be completed in June 2016.

International assistance related to an element inscribed or nominated for the Urgent Safeguarding List:

00310 - Mongol Tuuli, Mongolian epic (4.COM, inscribed/selected/approuved)

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