Preview Show 2023 of Durga Puja Art - Kolkata
massArt 11/15-10-2023 West Bengal, Kolkata (India)

Preview Show 2023 of Durga Puja Art - Kolkata

As part of the celebration of the 2003 Convention 20th anniversary, we present the second edition of a unique initiative that will offer the audience a sneak peek into the art side of the biggest festival of eastern India. Durga puja in Kolkata -- often referred as the world’s biggest public art festival -- is a unique event that mixes tradition with trend and faith with fun & frolic and touches the lives of millions of people.
Preview show of Durga Puja art 2023 will be a curated event to meet the expectations of art aficionados from across the globe.

Over five days, between October 11 and 15, 2023, the audience will be exposed to the best of temporary Art installations that come up in Kolkata during Durga Puja in the months of September-October.
Inscribed in 2021 on the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, Durga Puja was initially an event organized by the elite people in their own households until the 18th century, when the concept of community pujas evolved. These community pujas -- included and were participated in by people from all castes, creeds, and walks of life. Since then, it has become a celebration of life transmitted from one generation to another, year after year. Durga Puja is organized with much fanfare across the city. The organizers engage in a competition to attract the maximum footfall at their respective puja venues, which are unique Art installations by themselves. Estimates suggest that the city of Kolkata had at least 3000 pujas last autumn. The natural selection of the best ones, which drew the highest footfalls, was based on the uniqueness of the Art installations at this venue.

massArt, a social and cultural organization, will prepare a bouquet of the best Art installations for those who are willing to have a sneak peek into the best of the Art that eastern India has to offer and sign up for Preview Show 2023 of Durga Puja Art in Kolkata.

The experience will include hassle-free visits to the Art installations, interactive sessions with the artists and artisans for a better understanding of the Art form, exposure to the process of creation of the Art and opportunity to experience local culture.

The preview show will also give the visitors an opportunity to assess the positive impact of the multitude of artistic ideas on the local economy, as the festival generates income opportunities for the most underprivileged individuals.

If you want to know and feel how the world’s biggest public Art festival looks like, come to Kolkata and sign up for the Preview Show 2023 of Durga Puja Art.

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