Resolution of the General Assembly: 2.GA 6

The General Assembly,

  1. Having examined document ITH/08/2.GA/CONF.202/6;
  2. Having adopted the criteria, modalities and procedures for the accreditation of non-governmental organizations;
  3. Recalling Article 9 of the Convention;
  4. Requests the Director-General to take the necessary measures to publish and widely disseminate the information regarding the criteria, modalities and procedures for accreditation of non-governmental organizations that may wish to request accreditation as foreseen in Article 9 of the Convention;
  5. Invites the Committee to submit to it for accreditation at its subsequent sessions the names of non-governmental organizations that satisfy the criteria mentioned above;
  6. Invites States Parties, particularly those that have not yet done so, to submit to the Secretariat by 1 September 2008, names of public or private bodies, private persons, centres of expertise, research institutes, non-governmental organizations, non-profit-making institutions and regional centres with recognized competence in the various fields of intangible cultural heritage that might provide to the Committee such services as are foreseen in the Operational Directives;
  7. Authorizes the Committee, on an exceptional basis, to call upon the advisory services of any of the non-governmental organizations that it will have recommended for accreditation, as provided above, in the period prior to the Assembly’s third session, while underlining that public or private bodies, private persons, practitioners, experts, centres of expertise, research institutes and non-profit-making institutions with recognized competence in the various fields of the intangible cultural heritage will also be involved in conformity with the Operational Directives. Further, as indicated in paragraph 90 of these Directives, in reviewing these requests, due attention shall be paid to the principle of equitable geographical representation.
  8. Further invites the Committee to examine at its next session modalities and methods of facilitating the contribution of NGOs from developing countries, in accordance with the Operational Directives concerning advisory assistance to the Committee.