Portuguese-Galician border ICH: a safeguarding model created by Ponte...nas ondas!


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Selected in 2022 on the Register of Good Safeguarding Practices

© Santiago Veloso Troncoso, 2020

The Ponte…nas ondas! (PNO!) project aims to safeguard intangible cultural heritage on the Portuguese-Galician border by creating spaces in which the heritage can be practiced and transmitted to younger generations. Initially developed in schools of the municipalities of Salvaterra de Miño (Spain) and Monção (Portugal), the project later spread to many other schools and institutions. More recently, this living heritage has been studied and analysed for educational purposes by teachers and researchers from PNO!, with the support of tradition bearers, practitioners and specialists from universities in the region. The PNO! project has allowed young people to get involved in the practice and transmission of their own traditions thanks to the dissemination of cultural heritage in schools, the training of teachers, the presence of bearers and practitioners in classrooms to share their knowledge and experience, and the use of information and communications technology and radio resources to transmit, promote and enhance the shared intangible cultural heritage.