The General Assembly,

  1. Having examined document ITH/08/2.GA/CONF.202/9 bis;
  2. Recalling Articles 1, 7, 13 and 14 of the Convention;
  3. Taking note of Decisions EXT.COM 8 and 2.COM 13 of the Committee, by which the Committee decided to create an emblem of the Convention, and of its Decision 3.EXT.COM 4;
  4. Thanks the Committee for its initiative in deciding to create an emblem for the Convention;
  5. Thanks the 1297 persons from 101 Member States who submitted emblem proposals to the international competition organized by the Committee;
  6. Selects proposal number 1904 submitted by Dragutin Dado Kovačević of Croatia as the winner of the emblem competition, proposal number 2072 submitted by Petra Sutila of Slovenia as first runner-up and proposal number 1962 submitted by Michelangelo Camardo of Italy as second runner-up, on the condition that they fully satisfy the Rules and Procedures of the competition;
  7. Decides to use the winner as the emblem of the Convention;
  8. Requests the Committee to submit to it at its third ordinary session for approval draft operational directives for the use of the emblem;
  9. Decides that the Statutory Organs of the Convention, i.e. the General Assembly and the Committee, as well as the Director-General of UNESCO, have the sole right to use the emblem of the Convention. They may not authorize others to use the emblem until such time as the General Assembly has adopted operational directives to that effect;
  10. Further decides that the Convention’s emblem shall be accompanied with UNESCO’s emblem, and takes note that the Directives concerning the Use of the Name, Acronym, Logo and Internet Domain Names of UNESCO, which were adopted by the General Conference of UNESCO (Resolution 34 C/86), shall govern the use of the UNESCO emblem;
  11. Requests the Secretariat to ensure the emblem’s protection under Article 6 ter of the Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property, specifically by requesting the World Intellectual Property Organization to communicate the emblem to the countries of the Union for the Protection of Industrial Property.