Irish harping (جاري عملية الترجمة)

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Irish harping is at the heart of the identity of the people of the island of Ireland. The harp is Ireland’s national symbol and has been played for more than 1,000 years; its bell-like sounds and music captivate all those who hear it and are celebrated in Irish mythology, folklore and literature. Nowadays, instead of a harp hewn from a single piece of willow, strung with wire strings and played with the nails, most contemporary harps are made with various types of hardwood, strung with gut or nylon, and played with the finger tips. While some men and boys play the harp, women, girls and children are the primary practitioners. Related skills are transmitted both aurally and/or by notation in the art music style, and contemporary exponents of the early wire-strung harp are bearers of a precious legacy of music. Contemporary gut-strung harpers have safeguarded the old repertoire and ensured its continuity while responding to evolving harp styles. There has been a major resurgence of interest in harp playing over the past sixty years thanks to a growing appreciation of the harp’s role in Irish identity, language and culture and bearers and practitioners now number around 1,500, a number that is growing steadily. Harp playing has also helped people to embrace diversity and bridge divides.
All together now: National Harp Day with Clodagh, Oisín and Alva at y=the Lexicon Cultural Centre, Dún Laoghaire. Co Dublin
International Festival for Irish Harp - Open the door for three: a family of whistle player/piper and harpers at Beaulieu House, Drogheda Co Luth. Each of them has learned 'by ear'
International Festival for Irish Harp - Sibiling revelry with the Casey sisters. Thair music and songs were passed to them by their parents
International Festival for Irish Harp - Family Fun, Éamon and Cormac de Bara (harp). Two brothers who have been steeped in the tradition from a young age
Historical Harp Society of Ireland, Festival of Early Irish Harp - discovering the magic of the early harp, playing with nails ans using the ancient Irish metod
National Harp Day - a young girl, Jessica Berwick performing at the Lexicon Cultural Centre, Dún Laoghaire, Co Dublin
Music Generation Loais Harp ensemble playing for their local community
Early harp group session - exploring the wire strung harp tradition playing with the nails and learning from the master harper
National Harp Day - Maebh McKenna and Luke Webb performing for audiences at Powerscourt, Dublin
International Festival for Irish Harp - young harpers in session with their tutors watching