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جمعية السدو التعاونية للحرف اليدوية
AlSadu Handcraft Cooperative Society [en]
Sadu House, Qibla, Arabian gulf st., BLK 15 5742 SAFAT
13057 Kuwait City
Tel.: +965 22 43 23 95

Acreditado en 2022 (Pedido: inglés) - n° 90480
Reunión decisionaria: 9.GA - 2022

Fecha de creación: 1991

- oral traditions and expressions
- social practices, rituals and festive events
- knowledge and practices concerning nature and the universe
- traditional craftsmanship

Medidas de salvaguardia:

- identification, documentation, research (including inventory-making)
- preservation, protection
- promotion, enhancement
- transmission, (non-)formal education
- revitalization
- other
- Innovation and contemporory creative expression of the traditional craft.

Principales países de actividad:


1• Safeguarding Kuwait’s textile and weaving heritage for posterity.
2• Promoting Kuwait’s traditional Sadu weaving at the local and international levels.
3• Providing knowledge, research, and info for researchers, artists, and cultural organizations.
4• Training and capacity building in the field of textiles and weaving heritage.
5• Developing and innovating the craft in its contemporary setting.
6. Honoring and raising awareness about the textile heritage of Kuwait and its community.
7. Cooperating and collaborating with the Kuwaiti public and private educational institutions, and UN agencies to educate through "Train theTrainers" programs.