Mr Fabian Bedon Samaniego

Mr Fabian Bedon, a sociologist and master in project management, is currently a Researcher at the Research and Interpretation Center Z4 (Archeological and Heritage Complex) in Picoazá Manabí, Ecuador. He was Director of Culture of the Ecuadorian Foreign Ministry, Deputy Secretary of the Ecuadorian Commission of UNESCO, and Project Coordinator of the UNESCO Office in Quito and Andeas countries representation. He has publications in ICH, been an evaluator on issues of natural disasters, developed ICH public policies and has experience in field work with indigenous (Kallawayas, Bolivia) and migrant communities (in USA).

Trained in:

Working experience in:
Argentina, Bolivia (Plurinational State of), Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador, Spain, United States of America

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Working language(s):
English, Spanish