Ms Norah Alkhamis

Norah Alkhamis has over 15 years of experience in the heritage sector in the UK, UAE, and Saudi Arabia. She started her career in site-based roles in heritage sites in the UK, NGOs working on heritage protection regionally and globally, and in museum development in the Arab region where community-centric values in interpretation were a key interest to her. Over the years, Norah worked on developing programming and curatorial planning over several historic sites, and transitioned to research management to lead the development of the statistical framework for the culture sector in the UAE. She also developed ICH safeguarding measures, in partnership with ICH practitioners, in the form of programmes focussing on several ICH elements as well as a national register for artisans and practitioners.

Recently, Norah has taken the role of managing the implementation of the 1954, 1970, 1972, 2003, and 2001 Conventions in Saudi Arabia, to encourage synergies and develop national capacities. Key programmes to ensure the linkages between the 2003 and 1972 conventions are a key priority in her role, where local communities are integrated into the management of WH sites, and traditional knowledge and skills are the basis of each site’s protection, conservation, and presentation. She has published her work on oral histories, developing ICH safeguarding measures, and on statistical framework development for the culture sector.

Norah is a member of ICCROM’s Council, ICOMOS’ International Committee for ICH (ICICH), and ICH Researchers Network Committee of the Association of Critical Heritage Studies, and has participated in several expert meetings for the 2003 and 1972 Conventions.

Working experience in:
Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates

Based in:
Saudi Arabia

Working language(s):
English, Arabic