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Národopisná spoločnosť Slovenska
Ethnographic Society of Slovakia [en]
Klemensova 19
81364 Bratislava
Tel.: 00421 2 52964707; 421 907754020

Next report due 2023
Accredited in 2018 (Request: English/Slovakian) - No. 90369
Decision-making meeting: 7.GA - 2018

Year of creation: 1994

- oral traditions and expressions
- performing arts
- social practices, rituals and festive events
- knowledge and practices concerning nature and the universe
- traditional craftsmanship

Safeguarding measures:

- identification, documentation, research (including inventory-making)
- preservation, protection
- promotion, enhancement
- transmission, (non-)formal education
- revitalization

Main countries where active:


The Ethnographic Society of Slovakia is a civic association registered in the Register of Associations with Confirmed Activity kept by the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic, Reg. Nr. WS/1-909/90-134-3 from 9.11 .2005. lt was created by transformation of the Slovak Ethnographic Society, which was founded in 1958.
Its members are ethnologists/ethnographers from various academic and non-academic institutions, museums, non-formal education institutions and other.
The main objectives are:
Information and communication function:
To publish works in the field of ethnology and related disciplines,
To conduct research of the intangible cultural heritage in Slovakia (including the culture of the minorities living in the area of Slovakia),
To collect and archive information related to various elements of ICH,
To organise meetings, symposia, lectures, excursions etc.,
To comment on the development of the safeguarding the ICH in Slovakia,
To promote the visibility of ICH in the wider public,
To disseminate the knowledge about the safeguarding the I CH.
The Ethnographic Society of Slovakia associates ethnologists from various Slovak institutions - academic, museum, educational and other. The main activities are research, education, publication, organizational and collecting activities.

Ethnographic Society of Slovakia is a voluntary civic association grouping together graduates of Ethnology - scientific and professional workers as well as students of this field or related disciplines. lt is a society of people interested in preservation and cultivation of folk culture heritage. Intangible heritage is a vital part of it.
The Ethnographic Society of Slovakia organizes conferences, exhibitions, competitions and concentrates on formal and non-formal education.
Every three years, the society elects committee members and organizes a conference on topical issues at the General Assembly. For example:
Tourism and Regional Development
Ethnology of the city
Ethnicity and identity
History of Ethnology in Slovakia and Central Europe
Ethics of ethnological research
Protection and presentation of folk culture
The results of the conferences are published in the journal Ethnologické rozpravy.
The company cooperates with the Slovak Museum Society, participates every year at the workshops "Ethnography and the museum".
Cultural heritage has been collected and documented during filedworks and results of these activities has been published in the journal Etnologické rozpravy I Ethnological disputes.
The Society has mostly coordination function. lt works financially from members support and support from the Slovak Academy of Sciences (about 500 EUR) and grant projects. She participated in PHARE grants - Research in interethnic regions of Slovakia. The Society participates in projects of academic institutions and museums, especially in the form of co-publishing.
The company gives awards for the best publications, exhibitions and organizational activities.
Ethnographic Society of Slovakia has in Bratislava text and photo archive with thousands of units. NSS co-organizes yearly scientific conferences and once every three years General Assembly Meetings. lt also co-sponsors local cultural events and scholarly conferences related to folk cuture and cultural heritage.

The headquarters of the Ethnographic Society of Slovakia is in Bratislava, but the same importance have its four branches: Západoslovenská (Western Slovakia), Východoslovenská (Eastern Slovakia), and two centres in Central Slovakia: Banská Bystrica and Martin. The activities of the branches focus on the mutual exchange of members of Society and the local communities, lecturers activities and cooperation in the area of formal and non-formal education. Through its decentralized structure many members of local branches are in touch with cultural activists and themselves also participate in regional traditional folk culture associations, choirs and dance groups. The local traditions are also being promoted by organizing cultural events in cooperation with the local branches of the NGO.
NSS members perform field research, participate in the organization of leading folklore festivals, festivals of ethnographic films, are members of editorial councils of expert ethnological journals, methodological councils and jurors in the field of folklore, are authors of publications with material and intangible cultural heritage, are members of expert committees.
From 1994 the periodical Etnologické rozpravy (henceforward ER) had been the continuator of the internal non-periodical bulletin Národopisné informácie/ Ethnological Information (founded 1969), published by the Slovak Ethnological Society (today the Ethnological Society of Slovakia- NSS) and the Ethnological Institute, SAV (today the Institute of Ethnology, SAV- ÚEt SAV). Later the Slovak National Museum in Martin became a further co-publisher of ER. ER performed the function of a professional journal and a guide for members, who were entitled to receive it free on payment of the yearly subscriptions.
The company cooperates with the Czech Ethnographic Society and PTL in Poland.