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Name, address and sourceAccreditation
Društvo za digitalizaciju tradicijske kulturne baštine
Society for Digitization of Traditional Cultural Heritage - Society for DTCH [en]
Dobri? bb
88220 Široki Brijeg
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Tel.: + 387 63 375 668
Next report due 2027
Accredited in 2022 (Request: English) - No. 90521
Decision-making meeting: 9.GA - 2022
Udruga hrvatskih amaterskih kulturno umjetničkih društava u Bosni i Hercegovini
Association of Croatian Amateur Cultural Clubs in Bosnia and Herzegovina - UHAKUD [en]
Rodoč b.b.
88 000 Mostar
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Tel.: +387-63 548 851
Next report due 2027
Renewed in 2023 (Activity report: English)
Accredited in 2014 (Request: English) - No. 90293
Decision-making meeting: 5.GA - 2014