Wau - The Malays Traditional Kite: Introduction, Wau Bulan Appreciation, Wau Making and Flying Workshop and Wau Corner

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This meticulously designed lesson plan for students in grades 4-5 provides an immersive exploration of the Malaysian kite, Wau, inviting students to delve into its aesthetic and cultural significance. By guiding students through the hands-on experience of making and flying Wau, the lesson will not only enhance their practical skills but also will deepen their understanding of traditional culture. Kites, as cultural symbols, embody a fusion of craftsmanship, art, and performance, a tradition that holds particular importance in Malaysia. By integrating broader historical context, cultural significance, and regional content, the lesson plan offers students a holistic perspective on the rich heritage embedded in the art of making and flying Wau. This not only fosters a sense of appreciation for traditional culture but also allows students to actively participate in preserving and celebrating this cultural legacy.

Country: Malaysia