The Folk Custom of Building the Peace Kiln for the Mid-Autumn Festival in Jingdezhen

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This 7th-grade mathematics lesson plan offers a captivating and engaging learning experience by integrating circular geometry into the context of Jingdezhen porcelain, a significant element of China’s intangible cultural heritage (ICH). Beyond teaching mathematical concepts, it provides students with a profound understanding of the intricate techniques and materials used in porcelain production and kiln construction. What sets this plan apart is its emphasis on environmental responsibility by exploring recycling and sustainability in the porcelain firing process, aligning with global concerns. The innovative approach of involving students’ family members, who are the practitioners of ICH, not only enhances family engagement in education but also creates a powerful connection between ICH and the classroom. In turn, ignites students’ enthusiasm for exploring, preserving, and celebrating this invaluable cultural legacy.

Country: China