Himalayan Aromatic Incense-Making and Meditation Workshop

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This project, when aligned with the school subject of Economics, demonstrates a comprehensive approach to both preserving living heritage and creating a sustainable future. By teaching students how to make traditional ropes and exploring marketing strategies, starting with local temples, the initiative not only safeguards living heritage but also introduces economic viability. What sets this plan apart is its profound understanding of the local community, incorporating underprivileged groups through home employment, showcasing the interconnectedness of economic and societal sustainability pillars. Leveraging local aromatic plants as natural resources further emphasizes environmental consciousness. Integrating the use of incense ropes with meditation classes at school not only makes it a part of students’ daily lives but also contributes to their well-being and academic performance. The plan’s collaboration with stakeholders, including practitioners, raw material providers, local authorities, and potential business partners, demonstrates a multi-level integration of living heritage, ensuring a holistic and impactful learning experience for the students.

Country: Nepal