Handbook for culturally responsive science curriculum

Stephens, Sidney
Stephens, S. 2000. Handbook for Culturally Responsive Science Curriculum. Fairbanks, Alaska, Alaska Native Knowledge Network.
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This handbook provides a conceptual and practical guide for curriculum developers, educators and educational assessors to integrate traditional knowledge into a standards-based science curriculum. Written specifically for use in Alaska (U.S.), the guide focuses its examples on Native Alaskan and Iñupiat knowledge, but its conceptual framework could be applied to any traditional knowledge system around the globe. The handbook is organized in four parts: cultural relevance, science standards, best practices and assessment. It also includes three appendices that offer an assessment rubric and two exemplary curricular units. Central to the handbook’s approach is the involvement of local culture bearers and elders in the development and implementation of a culturally responsive science curriculum that enables intergenerational and intercultural transmission of intangible cultural heritage knowledge and skills.