Backlog files

This page includes the files submitted that, in conformity with the decision of the Committee and the priorities indicated by the submitting States, have not been treated due to the limited capacities of the Committee, its bodies and the Secretariat.

Files (120 Submitted by 29 Country(ies))

label:state(s) File Type of file Submitted for cycle
Algeria (1)Knowledge and know-how related to the distillation of rose water and bitter orange water by the city-dwellers of Constantine, called Teqtar (01503)RL2019
Armenia (2)Ashoogh love romance: performance, music and text of the Armenian bard tradition (Ashoogh love romance in Armenian culture) (00975 - Amount (US$)�172272)IAR+252014
Trndez: the feast of the newlyweds and the precursor of spring in Armenia (01179)RL2016
Azerbaijan (4)Cultural space of Nij (00672)RL2012
Cultural space of Qirmizi Qasaba (00674)RL2012
Craftsmanship and performing art of balaban (00867)RL2013
Nar Bayrami, traditional pomegranate festivity (01511)RL2019
Belgium (1)Safeguarding the foster care heritage in the merciful city of Geel: a contemporary community-based care model based on 700 years of experience (00622)Register2012
Bolivia (Plurinational State of) (1)La Grande Fête de Tarija (01477)RL2019
Bosnia and Herzegovina (1)Grass mowing competition custom in Kupres (01512)RL2019
Bulgaria (1)Visiko multipart singing from Dolen and Satovcha, South-western Bulgaria (00967)RL2014
Cambodia (1)Kun Bokator (01382)RL2018
China (13)Taijiquan (00424)RL2010
Traditional Chinese Distilled Liquor-brewing Craftsmanship (00430)RL2010
Traditional making skill of Chinese Hui ink (00422)RL2010
Traditional Porcelain Making Craftsmanship of Jingdezhen (00429)RL2010
Traditional Practices of the Bronze Drum (Tonggu) (00431)RL2010
Wuqiao Acrobatics (00419)RL2010
Folk Beliefs and Customs : the Worship of Guan Gong (00652)RL2012
Handing our heritage to the future: the art of Guqin on campus (00631)Register2012
Integrative safeguarding project of Huanxian Daoqing puppet shadow drama (00626)Register2012
Multiform Practices for Safeguarding the King Gesar Epic in the dur-bud Tribe (00634)Register2012
Sichuan Opera (00651)RL2012
Training program for adolescent practitioners of Shanxi Opera (2001-2021) (00629)Register2012
Raosanling, a ritualized cultural space of the Bai people in Dali (00854)RL2013
Croatia (1)Festivity of Saint Tryphon and the Kolo (chain dance) of Saint Tryphon - traditions of Croats from the Bay of Kotor who live in the Republic of Croatia (01472)RL2019
Czechia (1)Strategy for safeguarding of traditional crafts, bearers of folk craft tradition programme (01468)Register2019
Egypt (3)Inventories of intangible culture in six cultural areas in Egypt (00976 - Amount (US$)�300000)IAR+252014
Pottery (01018)RL2014
Egyptian traditional weaving industry (handloom silk weaving) (01071)USL2015
France (1)Le Biou d'Arbois, fête périodique viti-vinicole, jour de la fête patronale et anniversaire de la libération de la ville d'Arbois (01206)RL2016
India (23)Dashavatar: traditional folk theatre form, Maharashtra and Goa, India (00338)RL2010
Hingan: votive terracotta painted plaque of Molela, Rajasthan, India (00346)RL2010
Lama dances of Sikkim: Buddhist monastic dances, Sikkim, India (00352)RL2010
Nacha: folk theatre, Chhattisgarh, India (00344)RL2010
Patola: double ikat silk textiles of Patan, Gujarat, India (00343)RL2010
Phad: scroll paintings and their narration, Rajasthan, India (00342)RL2010
Rathwa ni Gher: tribal dance of Rathwas, Gujarat, India (00348)RL2010
Sankheda nu lakh kam: lacquered turned wood furniture of Sankheda, Gujarat, India (00347)RL2010
Sattriya music, dance and theatre (00350)RL2010
Shadow puppet theatre traditions (00351)RL2010
The festival of Salhesh, Bihar, India (00339)RL2010
Chaar Bayt, a Muslim tradition in lyrical oral poetry, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan, India (00841)RL2012
Chettikulangara Kumbha Bharani Kettukazhcha (00708)RL2012
Durga Puja In West Bengal (00703)RL2012
Gaddi Jatar (00705)RL2012
Jangam Gāyan (00702)RL2012
Kalamkari Paintings (00709)RL2012
Kolam, ritualistic threshold drawings and designs of Tamil Nadu, India (00842)RL2012
Music and knowledge of the Veena stringed instrument (00844)RL2012
Nautanki (00699)RL2012
Practice of turban tying in Rajasthan (00701)RL2012
Qawwali (00698)RL2012
Ranmāle (00706)RL2012
Iran (Islamic Republic of) (10)Kheime Shab Bazi in Iran (00380)RL2010
Marriage rituals among the Iranian ethnic groups (00588)RL2011
Kalaqe'i printing on Iranian section of the Silk Road (00582)RL2012
Navigation skills on Iranian section of the Silk Road (00584)RL2012
Sericulture and silk craftsmanship of Iran (zaavin) (00585)RL2012
Traditional knowledge of cooking bread among Iranian ethnic groups (00579)RL2012
Traditional knowledge of ethnic Iranian agriculture (00581)RL2012
Traditional knowledge of ethnic Iranian architecture (00590)RL2012
Traditional skill of clothing among Iranian ethnic group (00587)RL2012
Turquoise carving (00583)RL2012
Italy (7)Calendimaggio of Assisi (Region of Umbria, Province of Perugia) (00728)RL2012
Festival of the Fir-tree (00725)RL2012
La procession des grands flambeaux à San Marco in Lamis (00723)RL2012
The Carnival of Viareggio (00724)RL2012
The Ceri Festival (00650)RL2012
The Launeddas' tradition (00727)RL2012
Truffle hunting and extraction in Italy: knowledge and traditional practice (01395)RL2018
Japan (4)Ayako Odori (00414)RL2010
Shodon Shibaya (00415)RL2010
Tarama no Honensai (00416)RL2010
Restoration Techniques for Wooden Statues (00635)RL2012
Kazakhstan (3)Art of manufacturing Kazakh music instrument Dombyra (01082)RL2015
Hunting with Burkyts (golden eagles) (01083)RL2015
Orteke, Kazakh traditional puppet-musical performing art (01497)RL2019
Kenya (1)Success story of promoting traditional foods and safeguarding traditional foodways in Kenya (01409)Register2018
Malawi (1)Safeguarding of ludodiversity of Malawi through education and community transmission (01498 - Amount (US$)�387234)IAR+252019
Malaysia (2)Wangkang ceremony (01411)USL2018
Songket (01505)RL2019
Mongolia (1)Sustaining and transmitting Mongol biyelgee (01500 - Amount (US$)�171735)IAR+252019
Morocco (2)Malga Assalihine, moussem annuel de la Zaouiïa d'Assa (01494)RL2018
La tbourida (01483)RL2019
Republic of Korea (25)Bawijeol village funeral rehearsal play (00451)RL2010
Chiljang, lacquer craft (00460)RL2010
Gakjajang, calligraphic engraving (00462)RL2010
Gasa, narrative songs (00455)RL2010
Gyeonggi-do Dodanggut, tutelary rite of Gyeonggi province (00450)RL2010
Gyeongju Gyodong Beopju, Beopju liquor of Gyodong, Gyeongju (00475)RL2010
Hahoe Byeolsingut Tallori, mask dance drama of Hahoe (00447)RL2010
Hakyeonhwadae-hapseolmu, the crane and lotus flower dance (00446)RL2010
Jasujang, embroidery (00458)RL2010
Mokjogakjang, wood sculpture (00463)RL2010
Munbaeju, Munbae liquor (00473)RL2010
Myeoncheon Dugyeonju, Dugyeonju liquor of Myeoncheon (00474)RL2010
Naju Saetgolnai, cotton weaving of Naju (00454)RL2010
Sagijang, ceramics (00456)RL2010
Seokjang, stonework (00457)RL2010
Seonjajang (00472)RL2010
Somokjang, wooden furniture construction (00471)RL2010
Wanchojang, sedge work (00465)RL2010
Yeomsaekjang, dyeing with indigo (00470)RL2010
Yundojang, making geomantic compasses (00464)RL2010
Craftsmanship of Gat, men's horsehair hats (00718)RL2012
Korea's programme for documenting intangible cultural heritage (00697)Register2012
Music of Daegeum and Piri, traditional Korean wind instruments (00715)RL2012
Music of Gayageum, a traditional Korean string instrument (00716)RL2012
Yeondeunghoe, lantern lighting festival in the Republic of Korea (00882)RL2013
Saudi Arabia (2)Herfa multipurpose women cooperative (00961)Register2014
Kiswat al-Kaaba, rituals and skills associated with covering the Holy Kaaba (01404)RL2018
Tajikistan (2)Mehrgan (01434)RL2019
Traditional knowledge and skills of production of the atlas and adras fabrics (01484)RL2019
Turkey (4)Ahlat stoneworks tradition (00655)USL2012
Aşure Ritual (00643)RL2012
Nomadic movement of Sarıkeçili Yörüks (00661)USL2012
Sabantoy, Habantoy (00662)USL2012
United Arab Emirates (1)Les journées patrimoniales de Sharjah (01360)Register2018
Uzbekistan (1)Ropewalking (Dorbozlik) (01273)RL2017