Safeguarding the intangible cultural heritage of Ukrainian displaced persons in Hungary: inclusive community practices

  • Financial assistance:
    • US$ 99,710 granted in 2024
  • Dates of implementation:
    • Approved in 03/2024 - not yet under implementation
  • Documents:

Benefitting country(ies): Hungary


To be implemented by the Hungarian Open Air Museum, this fifteen-month project aims to develop a methodology for engaging museums with the Ukrainian communities displaced in Hungary, while supporting the safeguarding of their intangible cultural heritage. The project is based on the outcomes of the UNESCO initiative on community-based needs identification of living heritage safeguarding among displaced communities from Ukraine in five neighbouring countries: Hungary, Republic of Moldova, Poland, Romania and Slovakia, implemented in 2022. It involves, among other activities, a capacity-building workshop focusing on intercultural dialogue and inclusive practices, with support from cultural, psychological and methodological specialists. The workshop will prepare participants for the design and implementation of five museum pilot projects centred around five types of Ukrainian living heritage: (a) textile work and refined handicrafts; (b) folk dances; (c) traditional music and singing; (d) religion and feasts; and (e) traditional foodways. An international conference will bring together the key players from the projects to discuss the lessons learnt and to share the project results and best practices. The outcomes of these activities will be promoted through short films and will be used to produce an online publication in three languages (Hungarian, Ukrainian and English). The project is meant to help reduce communication gaps and foster solidarity between the displaced communities and the host country.

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