Udruga Kuća o batani-Casa della batana


Contact: +385 981688367
Postal address: Obala P. Budicin 2 52210 Rovinj
Geographic Coverage of NGO’s expertise:

URL: https://www.batana.org

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The Association House of Batana was established with a clear vision: to valorize and transmit the local maritime heritage reflected in the construction and use of the Batana boat. By celebrating its simplicity and adaptability to its natural envir

Through its varied research programs based on knowledge, respect for cultural heritage and dialogue, inclusion, innovation and its interdisciplinary approach, the association and the House of Batana ecomuseum valorizes, documents, interprets, pres

Year of creation: 2007

Safeguarding measures:

- identification, documentation, research (including inventory-making)
- preservation, protection
- promotion, enhancement
- transmission, (non-)formal education
- revitalization

Main areas of work related to the Convention:

Relevant projects and initiatives

The association House of Batana established its ecomuseum to safeguard the local maritime heritage. It manages three physical spaces and a yearround program. The ecomuseum approach combines preventive care for tangible heritage (a collection of fishing tools and boats still in use) and varied participative programs with the local community to ensure the transmission of knowledge and skills related to Rovinj’s maritime heritage. These include: a yearly organized regatta for traditional boats of the Upper Adriatic, construction and maintenance of boats, demonstration and workshops of traditional boatbuilding, language workshops as well as the management of a local tavern where local gastronomy and bitinada traditional singing are transmitted and presented.