Memória Imaterial Cooperativa Cultural CRL


Contact: +351 962619496
Postal address: Rua da Colectividade, n 4 Pereiro de Palhacana 2580-258 Alenquer
Geographic Coverage of NGO’s expertise: Portugal

URL: https://www.memoriamedia.net

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Memoria Imaterial uses ICH as an agent of social and economic development for communities to make them sustainable.

The mission of Memoria Imaterial is to deal with all domains of the 2003 convention, particularly, with oral traditions and expressions. The participation of communities and the respect of ethical principles are placed at the heart of all safeguar

Year of creation: 2008

Safeguarding measures:

- identification, documentation, research (including inventory-making)
- preservation, protection
- promotion, enhancement
- transmission, (non-)formal education
- revitalization

Main areas of work related to the Convention:

Relevant projects and initiatives

00982 - Intangible Memory - Cultural Cooperative CRL
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Since its creation in 2008, Memória Imaterial has been primarily collecting and promoting oral popular traditions for its Memoriamedia Project, aimed at the identification, recording, preservation and promotion of folktales, legends, proverbs and other forms of traditional and oral culture as well as the skills and traditional knowledge of artisans and the uses and rites prevailing in everyday professional, social and family life. Recorded materials are uploaded on the website www.memoriamedia.net.
Memória Imaterial has established cooperation protocols with numerous institutions
throughout the country, namely government associations and councils, local authorities, schools, museums, foundations, libraries, cultural groups, local development agents, and other non-governmental organizations. Equally important is the promotion of open public debate and the return of the results to all populations studied. Memória Imaterial participated in the preparation of two nomination files for the Representative List –“Cante Alentejano, polyphonic singing from Alentejo, southern Portugal”, inscribed in 2014, and the multinational file– “Falconry, a living human heritage”, inscribed in 2016.