Centro de Trabalho Indigenista - CTI


Contact: +55 (61) 3349.7769
Postal address: SCLN 213 Bloco C, Sala 101 Brasilia - DF
Geographic Coverage of NGO’s expertise: Brazil

URL: https://www.trabalhoindigenista.org.br

Year of creation: 1979

Safeguarding measures:

- identification, documentation, research (including inventory-making)
- preservation, protection
- promotion, enhancement
- transmission, (non-)formal education

Main areas of work related to the Convention:

The Centro de Trabalho Indigenista works with the promotion and protection of indigenous peoples' rights. These include territory, health, education and cultural rights. We understand that these domains are not segregated, eventhough the Brazilian State frequently separates them in different policies and agencies. Therefore, in working with the indigenous for the recognition of their land and the preservation of its natural resources, we are better able to work towards the promotion, transmission and protection of their cultural heritage. We have aquired experience in the domain of intangible cultural heritage, working with various indigenous groups over the last thirty years. Currently, we are working with the Guarani people in a large project of register and safe-guard of their intangible heritage. The project is developled in cooperation with the Brazilian official agency responsible for intangible state policies (Insituto do Patrimonio Hist6rico e Artistico Nacional) and the Spanish International Cooperation Agency (AECI). We are researching vast documentation concerning the Guarani in all public archives in the south and southeast regions of Brazil, aiming at producing the most complete reference material available, so that the indigenous people, researchers, government workers and policy makers and other people interested in learning more about the Guarani and their culture or in promoting actions in colaboration with the Guarani can have access to this information. This reference material includes, books, reports, academic research, maps, fotographs, and audio visual registers from the nineteenth century to present day. We are also working with the Guarani to identify the aspects of their intangible heritage which they endeavor to preserve, protect and transmit to future generations and are creating the means for this to be accomplished in a long-term plan. This endeavor to affirm Guarani culture also includes the awareness of the non-indigenous people who surround their communities and non-indigenous society in general. Through the production of materials which contribute with this awareness, we are hoping to promote better relations and understanding among these groups.


Our aim is to work alongside with indigenous groups so that they can assume effective control over all interventions that occur in their territories, informing them about the Brasilian State's role in the protection and guarantee of the indigenous peoples' constitutional rights. The Centro de Trabalho lndigenista has as its mission and identity trait the direct support that we offer to the indigenous groups with which we work, assisting them with the resources and technical support that they need to accomplish greater political and economic autonomy, always respecting the sociocultural universe pertaining to each indigenous community. In other words, the projects developed by the Centro de Trabalho lndigenistas are projects in which the indigenous peoples involved are coauthors and collaborators and in which their traditional knowledge and practices are respected and affirmed. Our main objectives are: - The promotion and circulation of community-organized projects in the areas of agriculture, education, health and culture; - Development of actions which contribute with the legal recognition of lands traditionally occupied by indigenous people; - Preservation and protection of the natural environment of the indigenous lands; - Development of actions that promote and enhance the transmission of the indigenous peoples' traditional knowledge and practices; - Production of audio-visual material with the indigenous groups so that they may circulate and preserve their traditional knowledge and practices; - Promotion of occasions in which the indigenous groups may exchange experiences and information with other communities, research centers and organizations;.


The Centro de Trabalho Indigensita has worked with indigenous communities for the last thirty years. We have worked in collaboration with the members of various indigenous groups, so that the indigenous may assume greater control over interventions that affect their communities and gain greater political and economic autonomy. We recognize that for this to be accomplished it is necessary that the indigenous have a good understanding of their rights and the means by which they can guarantee respect for these rights. On the other hand, it is of fundamental importance that we acknowledge each indigenous group's specific forms of political, social and cultural organization and help governmental and non-governmental agents to better understand these forms and respect them. In recognizing these aspects, we are able to develop more effective actions, in which the indigenous people are protagonists.