International Mask Arts & Culture Organization - IMACO

Republic of Korea

Contact: +82-54-853-6397
Postal address: 200 Chukjejang-gil Andong 36709 Gyeongsangbuk-do
Geographic Coverage of NGO’s expertise: Republic of Korea


Year of creation: 2006

Safeguarding measures:

- identification, documentation, research (including inventory-making)
- preservation, protection
- transmission, (non-)formal education
- revitalization

Main areas of work related to the Convention:

The activities of IMACO are: (a) to arrange world mask culture heritage movie contents materials (b) to work for making contents using IT skill such as 3D scanner (c) to build a network system with world mask culture organizations, research centers, person (d) to publish magazines for the variety of world mask culture (e) to support world mask related festivals (f) to support world mask related exhibitions (g) to Support world mask related creative activity


- To strengthen activity and human network for members - To build the network for international mask arts & culture based on this organization - To heighten culture related masks IMACO aims to: i) to keep in contact with people related to masks all over the world and region, ii) to develop connection and friendships among member organizations, iii) to inherit and develop mask arts & culture of each country based on the cultural diverse of UNESCO, iv) to promote mask art activities all over the world.


The IMACO’s main mission is to foster international cooperation between relevant organizations of Mask Arts and culture for the exchange of information and knowledge concerning the safeguarding of tangible and intangible culture of Mask. The construction of a portal website will make it possible to create an international pool of Mask culture -related experts and authorities who will have the opportunity to exchange information online and access a variety of materials of mask culture. IMACO futher aims to: - Construct an international cooperative network among various stakeholders such as practitioners, experts and officials from the field of Mask arts and culture. - Utilize the above network for carrying out joint programs, projects and research for the safeguarding of Mask arts and culture.