Centro Daniel Rubín de la Borbolla a.c.


Contact: +52 +55 555 095 69; +52 55 3399 4308 (n  transmis par LP)
Postal address: Galeana 115 San Ángel, c.p. 01060 México D.F.
Geographic Coverage of NGO’s expertise: Mexico

URL: https://www.centrodanielrubindelaborbolla.org.mx

Year of creation: 1993

Budget: U.S.$36300

Safeguarding measures:

- identification, documentation, research (including inventory-making)
- preservation, protection
- promotion, enhancement
- transmission, (non-)formal education
- revitalization
- desarrollo de instrumentos metodológicos para el registro y elaboración de inventarios aplicación de sistemas de información geográfica al inventario y promoción del patrimonio cultural

Main areas of work related to the Convention:

-Gives consultation services on its library, archive, photo library and serial publication funds. -Carries out research in the field of cultural heritage with special emphasis on popular arts and crafts, traditional cuisine and cultural tourism. -Develops research instruments, such as: thesaurus, specialized bibliographies and handicraft cartographies. -Participates, together with public institutions and civil organizations, in the promotion, preservation and protection of the cultural heritage with special emphasis on popular arts, crafts and traditional cuisine. -Gives workshops for social organizations at a community level to increase registry, protection and promotion of the cultural heritage. -Participates in national and state competitions of popular arts and crafts to recognize masters and their works. -Participates in the Specialist Committee, working on the development of the methodology and the survey for the inventory of intangible cultural heritage of Mexico. - Organizes and participates in meetings, congresses and round tables in which reflect on Mexican and Latin American cultural heritage.


-To create a collection of documents, specialized in popular arts, crafts and traditional cuisine, which includes a library, archive, serial publication fund and photo library, to be used mainly by researchers, popular artists, artisans and culture promoters. -To develop research intruments, such as: thesaurus, cartographies and specialized bibliographies, among other. -To document current technology used in the craftwork production processes and its problems. -To carry out research in the field of popular arts and crafts in collaboration with educational, promotion and cultural institutions. -To support rescue and safeguarding actions and the study of cultural processes related with popular arts, crafts and traditional cuisine. -To promote the best expressions of popular arts and crafts by carrying out and supporting contests and exhibitions. -To participate in the registry and cataloguing of craftwork and traditional cuisine expressions. -To participate in the promotion, registry, documentation and preservation projects of popular arts, craftwork and traditional cuisine.


-It gives workshops on recognition, evaluation and registry for the communities to develop projects for strengthening, conservation and promotion of intangible cultural heritage. -It is presently developing the digital atlas of popular Mexican art with the collaboration of artisans and popular artists. -It participates in the Specialist Committee for the development of the methodology and the survey for the inventory of the intangible cultural heritage of Mexico, in which the communities will have a predominant role.