Revitalization of the traditional craftsmanship of lime-making in Morón de la Frontera, Seville, Andalusia


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Selected in 2011 on the Register of Good Safeguarding Practices

The traditional practice of lime-making was a source of employment for Morón de la Frontera and a marker of its identity. When production was eclipsed by industrial lime, kilns fell into disuse and transmission of knowledge ceased. The project’s primary goals are to raise awareness of the practice and importance of lime-making and to improve living conditions for craftspeople. To this end, the Cultural Association of the Lime Kilns of Morón was established, and gave birth to an ethnographic centre and a living museum that displays the craft process in situ. Kilns have been restored and the project actively promotes transmission of techniques to new generations. Outreach activities in cooperation with lime craftspeople focus on recovering expertise and techniques for use in sustainable construction. The project has also produced audiovisual and print publications, presented displays at trade shows and is organizing the Iberian Lime Congress in 2012. The Association has been involved in a national project to raise awareness of fresco painting, as well as an international project ‘Transfer to Morocco (North Africa) of the Crafts Promotion Centres model’. The project has involved stakeholders and inhabitants of Morón de la Frontera in its decision making.