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Name, address and sourceAccreditation
CIOFF България
National Section of CIOFF Bulgaria/International Council of Organizations of Folklore Festivals and Folk Art [en]
CIOFF Bulgarie [fr]
zh.k Sveta Troica
bl. 173, entr. G, 7 fl., ap 112
1309 Sofia
Tel.: +359 87 94 01 191
Next report due 2027
Renewed in 2023 (Activity report: English)
Accredited in 2010 (Request: English) - No. 90060
Decision-making meeting: 3.GA - 2010
logoЕвропейска Асоциация на Фолклорните Фестивали - ЕАФФ
European Association of Folklore Festivals - EAFF [en]
47 Nikola Gabrovski str
5002 Veliko Tarnovo
Tel.: +359 (62)621541
Next report due 2025
Renewed in 2021 (Activity report: English)
Accredited in 2016 (Request: English) - No. 90338
Decision-making meeting: 6.GA - 2016
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