“Traditional Kharkiv Kotzarstvo”

Irina Shegda / Kharkiv Regional Organizing and Methodic Center of Culture and Arts / Valky District Communal Children's Art School

“Traditional Kharkiv Kotzarstvo” was included in the List of elements of the intangible cultural heritage of Kharkiv region. Since 2020, we decided to start monitoring interest in Kotzarstvo among students of art schools in the Kharkiv region. As a result of monitoring in some schools, it’s planned to include “Kotzarstvo” as a “subject of choice”.

In February, the Valky District Communal Children’s Art School expressed interest in studying this craft. I taught a teacher of this school, Elena Koval, how to weave kotz. After that, Elena showed the students how to weave kotz, but within a month there were no other expressions of interest in it.

Then during the quarantine, one boy, Bogdan Derkach, wove a carpet. I congratulated him on facebook and the competition has begun.
First, the teacher Elena finished her first kotz. Then two girls wove carpets one after another and then a third girl started her weaving. At the same time, another teacher of this school, Lilia Kravchenko, decided to try her hand at Kotzarstvo.

As a result, the director of the Valky School of Arts Olga Timoshenko and I compiled the theses of the curriculum of the subject «Kotzarstvo» and planned its detailed development for June 2020.

We also described and calculated equipment and materials, which are necessary for training 10 people. The “Kotzarstvo” will be included into the school’s curriculum as a “subject of choice” from September 2020.

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