Decision of the Bureau: 7.COM 5.BUR 4.2

The Bureau,

  1. Having examined document ITH/12/7.COM 5.BUR/4 and its annex,
  2. Recalling Chapter V of the Convention and Chapter I of the Operational Directives, concerning the examination and approval of international assistance requests,
  3. Further recalling Document ITH/11/6.COM/CONF.206/10 and the Committee’s Decision 6.COM 10.3,
  4. Takes note that Uganda has submitted a revised request for International Assistance in the amount of US$216,000 for Inventorying the intangible cultural heritage of four communities in Uganda;
  5. Decides that the conditions established by the Committee in its decision 6.COM 10.3 for the granting of such assistance have been met by the requesting State;
  6. Approves the request in the maximum amount of US$216,000 and requests the Secretariat to reach agreement with the State Party on the technical details of the assistance.