Decision of the Bureau: 5.COM 2.BUR 3

The Bureau,

  1. Recalling Article 20 of the Convention,
  2. Further recalling Chapters I.4 and I.14 of the Operational Directives as revised by the General Assembly at its third session in June 2010 concerning the approval of international assistance requests,
  3. Having examined the request for international assistance no.00495 from Albania on ‘Inventory of Albanian folk iso-polyphony’, no.00489 from Zimbabwe on ‘Manyanga Misumo Protocol’ and no.00552 from Zimbabwe on ‘Safeguarding cultural heritage aspects of Njelele,
  4. Approves, as authorized body, the following request for international assistance:
from Albania for ‘Inventory of Albanian folk iso-polyphony’ for an amount of US$24,500;
from Zimbabwe for ‘Manyanga Misumo Protocol’ for an amount of US$12,000;
from Zimbabwe for ‘Safeguarding cultural heritage aspects of Njelele’ for an amount of US$25,000;
  1. Requests the Secretariat to reach agreement with the requesting parties on the technical details of the assistance.