Consolidating the promotion of intangible cultural heritage education in institutions of higher learning in collaboration with bearer communities

  • Financial assistance:
    • US$ 98,203 granted in 2023
  • Dates of implementation:
    • 02/04/2024 - 17/03/2026
  • Documents:

Benefitting country(ies): Uganda


Implemented by the Cross-Cultural Foundation of Uganda (CCFU), an accredited non-governmental organization under the 2003 Convention, this two-year project aims to promote intangible cultural heritage education in higher-learning institutions. The project builds on the achievements of a previous intervention aimed at raising awareness of the relevance of living heritage in Uganda’s current development context among the management and academic staff of four universities. This project entails conducting trainings for university staff and management on the value of living heritage and its relevance in the delivery of a bachelor’s degree. It also involves supporting four universities in the creation of digital archives for living heritage elements and facilitating collaboration on the safeguarding of living heritage between bearer communities and university students through activities such as internships, e-learning modules, galas and mentorships. Communications and community outreach activities help raise awareness about the 2003 Convention among local non-governmental organizations and community-based organizations.

02/04/2024 - 31/03/2026 – Safeguarding plans for the transfer of three elements of Mali's intangible cultural heritage inscribed on the Urgent Safeguarding List to the Representative List01/01/2024 - 31/01/2026 – Strengthening the capacities of La Cofradía del Espíritu Santo de Los Congos de Villa Mella and El Teatro Cocolo Danzante de Los Guloyas de San Pedro to safeguard their heritage