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USOFFTU in BiH / CIOFF BiH Section is trying to find ways to reduce the damage to the intangible cultural heritage caused by the pandemic


Measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 are aimed at avoiding physical contact between people. Given the fact that intangible culture is a living tradition, one that is constantly being re-created and shared, the COVID-19 pandemic will leave a long-lasting negative mark especially in this form of culture. Aware of these facts, USOFFTU in BiH / CIOFF BiH Section is trying to find ways to reduce the damage to the intangible cultural heritage caused by the pandemic. A part of the activities of our members, associations in BiH, are aimed at passing on the tradition to new generations by organizing workshops and seminars for children and youth in modified, difficult conditions. The second part of the activities are aimed at preserving the network, cooperation between associations in the field, as well as contact with the public, so that we can continue to share our art after the pandemic. The practice of cultural heritage should leave a sense of belonging and pride to the performer and a sense of admiration, understanding and respect for the viewer, as well as a mutual incentive for further work on heritage preservation. Without sharing a living tradition it ceases to live. Aware of these facts, we strive to take advantage of every respite, every concession of pandemic measures, all available technologies and skills of our members to find our way to our collaborators and audience.

Here we bring information about several of our activities that we have carried out in the past year in this area.

  • In honor of the doyen of the sevdalinka, traditional Bosnian song, Mr. Safet Isović, a concert entitled “”Sing Bosnia and cheer me up”” was held on October 31, 2020 in the premises of the RKUD Proleter Sarajevo with a small audience in the hall and a live broadcast on the video wall for spectators in the main town square. The concert with an English translation can be seen at the following link:
  • On October 15, 2020, as part of Bosiljkovanje folklore festival and during the virus pandemic, the promotion of the book “”Derventa songs, words and customs”” by Tomo Nagradić was held at the Biser Hotel in Derventa. The author, lecturers, distinguished guests from Derventa, Petrov, Brod, Banja Luka, Doboj and Teslić participated in the program. In the cultural program participated members of the Women’s Singing Group, Vocal Instrumental Group and “”Šargija”” musician Vladan Jevtic, all members of KUDM “”Bosiljak”” Derventa.

More information is available at the link:

  • In accordance with the epidemiological measures, the folklore seminar was attended by 40 participants from BiH and Serbia and 10 lecturers and demonstrators. The seminar was held in Banja Luka in the premises of RKUD “”Pelagi攓. More information is available at the link:
  • Gastro manifestation of the preparation of the traditional dish of Puračić – Puračka ćaska,was held in accordance with the prescribed COVID-19 measures. The goal of the event is to preserve the traditional dish of our place “”Puračke ćaske”” from oblivion. More informations at:
  • The symposium on preservation of cultural heritage and and the implementation of the UNESCO Convention 2003. was organized by Drustvo za DTKB and partners: CIOFF® BiH and UHAKUD in BiH. Nine speakers presented their experience in cultural heritage preservation. NS CIOFF® BiH presented an example questinario for Members.

Training was conducted for individuals from 20 NGOs on how to collect and process data on the elements of ICH. More informations at: https//đanja

The space in this questionnaire does not allow the registration of all our activities in the period May-December 2020.

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