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Multiple Actions of ICH Stakeholders in Qingdao

China Folklore Society

Faced with the expected epidemic, the Qingdao Municipal ICH Safeguarding Center (QMISC) adjusted its working strategies in time and mobilized all ICH stakeholders in the city to take active actions to fight the virus.

In the campaign, both online and offline methods were adopted, for the dissemination of anti-epidemic measures, providing social services for individuals and companies, and organizing exhibitions of ICH elements.

Through these activities, the ICH stakeholders had shown their responsibilities to serve the people, benefit the community and reward the country.

For instance, on January 18, when the launching ceremony of the “Living Heritage Month” was initiated, the QMISC introduced for the first time the live broadcasting technology to bring four different venues together, providing audiences with both online and offline experiences of the ICH elements presented in Qingdao.

According to the statistics, the online ICH platform attracted more 730 thousand visitors on that day, which was the highest number for the ICH online broadcast ever in the city.

With the help of internet, the distance between the urban population and ICH elements became closer, which as a result contributed to the promotion of the visibility of ICH in general in the city.

In addition, in the Shinan District, Qingdao Wanhechun Catering Company, the competent body of the element craftmanship of “Wanhechun Rib and Rice Meal,” donated 300 meals to the doctors and social workers who had been working at the front line of the epidemic prevention in the local communities.

In the Jimuo District, the competent body of the element “Jimuo Traditional Lace-weaving Art” Qingdao Guohua Handicraft Inc., not only donated money and goods to support the fight against the virus, but also tried to secure and increase the income of the tradition bearers of the element.

By moving the production of the traditional lace-weaving from factories into families, the company provided an alternative solution for the continuing practice of the element in the situation of lockdown, where tradition bearers had nothing to do and their income could not be guaranteed.

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