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Cultural institutions need to offer virtual or digital access to cultural heritage

The Regional Library “Peyo Yavorov”, city of Burgas

Dealing with the situation in today’s world requires a complete virtual or digital presentation of the cultural heritage for every institution working in the field of culture. We believe this is also needed as a practice in the field of the agriculture, the sports, the tourism and many others, so we are making efforts to adapt in that direction.

Supporting and sharing information related to the living culture allows us to rethink the importance of the intangible cultural heritage and this knowledge helps to overcome the effects of the lockdown. By sharing ICH related information we are trying to focus the audience attention in the world of ICH. By making possible the research work with documents and files from a distance we hope to generally encourage the work from home as a tool to overcome the restricted working conditions and the negative effects of the lockdown.

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Official website of the library
The Regional Library “Peyo Yavorov” in the city of Burgas, provides free access to the following resources, in line with the requirements of the hygienic-epidemiological restrictions that we need to comply with.

To make your stay at home fruitful, we offer you our digital publications, databases and foreign online resources for which the library is subscribed:
1. Part of the archives, property of the The Regional Library “Peyo Yavorov”, Burgas you can find here

2. Free access to the digitized newspaper “Phare” – a weekly newspaper for trade, economy and information from 1920 all issues

3. Digitized books:

4.The digital collection of old postcards that includes more than 500 images of postcard views of the cities of Burgas, Sozopol and Pomorie from the late 19-th century to the 60’s of the 20-th century. All displayed copies are in the possession of the Regional Library “P. K. Yavorov ”- Burgas and have been collected for more than 30 years.

Digital copies of documentaries, recordings of theater productions, holidays and festivals of local and national importance. The video files are presented in a demo version. If you are interested in a particular file, please feel free to write to us using the contact form to get additional information about the terms and conditions how you can use it.

Digital copies of gramophone records. Priority is given to the works written by Bulgarian composers and the Bulgarian folk music.The music files are in a demo version

Digital copies of paintings from the fund of the Regional Library “Peyo Yavorov”, city of Burgas.

Electronic Bio-bibliographies, Creative profiles and Bibliographic references, work of the Department of Local Lore.
The bio-bibliographies are dedicated to Prof. Dimitar Avramov, Prof. Georgi Dyulgerov, Prof. Ivan Karayotov;
The creative profiles are of Hristo Fotev and Petya Dubarova;

Bibliographic references `Golyamobukovski Monastery “Life-giving source”

Literary Burgas

Les désignations employées et la présentation des textes et des documents référencés dans cette plateforme n'impliquent de la part de l'UNESCO aucune prise de position quant au statut juridique des pays, territoires, villes ou zones, ou de leurs autorités, ni quant au tracé de leurs frontières ou limites.