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Folk festivals and fairs to promote and safeguard living heritage

Our center organizes, folk festival and fairs and many other activities that safeguard and promote intangible cultural heritage. On 9th of March our country suspended all cultural and sport activities. In order to fulfill this questionnaire we made a survey asking some popular artists about their activities now.

We noticed that with the help of innovative technology they have registered themselves with smartphones and some of them have even found help from voice engineers to mix the voice and sounds and to have a final product.

More difficult is the situation for different artisans whose work has been suspended since the beginning of the pandemic, such as shops and bars, who no longer have the possibility to work and sell.

Another part is just preparing the raw material just to be ready when everything is finished. There is also another category of artisans that have been contracted by local or international companies to tailor masks for preventing the coronavirus.

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Ikli Punavija, popular artist playing lahuria and pipe:

Folkloric Ensemble “Çipini”, Vlora region. Diaphony accompaigned with pipe. Solist Evgjeni Lelo, Tomorr Lelo në pipe Vendim Kapa:

Folkloric Ensemble “Çipini”:

Mirdita” Folk Ensemble, performing mirdita traditional wedding:

Pjerin Nikolli, rhapsody with çiftelia:

Muharrem Ramaj playing with double pipe:

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