Video Animation Series: Teaching and Learning with Intangible Cultural Heritage in Asia and The Pacific

The Video Animations on Teaching and Learning with Intangible Cultural Heritage in Asia and the Pacific developed by UNESCO Bangkok presents a set of 6 short films that discuss the relevance of Living Heritage in Education and school curriculum.

Living heritage is all around us and bringing it to school teaching will enhance education quality, enliven the experiences of students and teachers, and contribute to keeping this heritage alive for current and future generations. The video series also states that —Whoever you are — teacher, school director, student, parent, heritage practitioner — you have a vital role to play in this process.

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This Series is also available in languages like Chinese, English, Japanese, Khmer, Korean, Lao, Mongolian, Burmese, Nepali, Russian and Thai.

Episode 1: What is teaching with living heritage in schools?

The episode highlights how students can explore the values and meaning of culture within the curriculum as there are many ways to bring living heritage to schools!

Episode 2: Why is it important to teach with intangible cultural heritage?

Through this video one learns that introducing living heritage elements in lessons does not only bring the school and the community together to participate in youth education, but it also contributes to safeguarding living heritage for the future generation.

Episode 3: I’m a teacher. How can I integrate living heritage elements in my lessons?

Teaching with living heritage can vary widely according to one’s local context. This video shares some steps to help develop content with the help of related context.

Episode 4: I’m a parent/community member. How can I help our school teach with living heritage?

This video shares how one can support schools and teachers as a parent or a community member since they are the keepers of knowledge and skills of a living heritage.

Episode 5: I’m a school manager. How can I help teachers organize teaching with living heritage?

As a school manager, one can facilitate an environment involving living heritage. This video presents some suggestions for the same.

Episode 6: I’m a student. What can I do to keep my heritage alive?

Lastly, the final video mentions that students also have a great role in safeguarding living heritage. Talking about it and practicing at home and in school are some of the ways shared in the video for students to help keep their heritage alive and relevant.