Mme Anka Raič

Anka Raič is retired after a professional working life spent in banks. Her work on the safeguarding of ICH is entirely voluntary.S he is the co-founder and long-time manager of a network of associations operating in Bosnia and Herzegovina and dealing with intangible cultural heritage. These associations are included in similar international associations. Her greatest contribution is in the design and management of annual programs for associations that in their content connect the bearers and transmitters of ICH, local administration and experts with the aim of finding the best way to safeguard ICH.

Pays où il/elle a travaillé :
Bosnie-Herzégovine, Macédoine du Nord, Monténégro

Pays de résidence :

Langue(s) de travail :
anglais, croate, macédonien, serbe, monténégrin