Mme Jayshree Mungur-Medhi

With a PhD in History and Civilisations, Jayshree Mungur-Medhi is a heritage professional and an archaeologist. Apart from heritage projects on tangible heritage Jayshree is working on ICH since 2010. She collaborated in the National Inventory of ICH on Mauritius and worked on the four nomination files sent by the country for listing under the 2003 convention. She participates and runs projects involving the documentation of ICH elements and community involvement in safeguarding ICH, in Mauritius and in North East India. She presently works as Manager Technical National Heritage Fund; offers consultancy services and collaborates with the University of Mauritius and the NGO Our Heritage Foundation in Mauritius.

Pays où il/elle a travaillé :
Inde, Maurice

Pays de résidence :

Langue(s) de travail :
français, anglais, portugais, hindi