25/06/2001 - 27/06/2001
Iran (République islamique d’)

The International Expert Meeting, Women, Intangible Heritage and Development was held in Tehran on 25–27 June, 2001 and jointly organised by the Iranian National Commission for UNESCO and UNESCO Headquarters Intangible Heritage Section.

The purpose of the meeting was to provide an informal forum in which to evaluate the six regional feasibility studies undertaken on a decentralised basis by six UNESCO Offices representing their respective regions. They were Apia (Pacific), Accra (Africa), Beirut (Arab States), Mexico (Latin America), New Delhi (Asia), Tashkent (Central Asia). The studies, prepared on the basis of replies to questionnaires sent to all major specialised institutions within the Member States concerned, provided an overview of major research, institutions and issues relating to woman, intangible heritage and development, as well as recommendations for future directions and actions to be taken in this domain in each region.

  • Regional Study in Africa, by Ms. Esi Sutherland-Addy (anglais)
  • Regional Study in Arab States, by Ms. Annie Tohmé-Tabet (anglais)
  • Regional Study in Asia, by Mr. Maitrayee Chaudhuri and Ms. Urvashi Chandra (anglais)
  • Regional Study in Central Asia, by Marfua Tokhtakhodjaeva (anglais)
  • Regional Study in Latin America, by Dora Cardaci (anglais)
  • Regional Study in the Pacific, by Ms. Susanna Kelly and Mr. Lissant Bolton (anglais)
  • Final report (anglais)