Mme Ana Shanshiashvili

PhD Art historian, Ana Shanshiashvili is the Director of Georgian Heritage Crafts Association and Georgian Artisan Sector Skill Organization. Since 2012 she is actively engaged in the research, strategy development of Georgian crafts sector. Ana provides targeted trainings and workshops to more than 400 crafts makers across the country. Since 2020 she leads the promotional campaign to raise the profile of Georgian Crafts makers through the production of video stories and organizing online festivals. Member of the Cultural Council of Michelangelo Foundation; In 2019 she was a Director of Georgian State Museum of Folk and Applied Art; in 2016-2022 a National Board Member of ICH at the Georgian National Agency of Cultural Preservation.

Pays où il/elle a travaillé :
Arménie, Azerbaïdjan, Géorgie

Pays de résidence :

Langue(s) de travail :
anglais, russe, géorgien