Mme Mai Odeh (Sadeq)

The combination of culture, Education, social engagement and development policy has been at the heart of my experience in the past few years. I have been involved in the cultural sector since the start of my professional career, giving me an in-depth perspective of the cultural context in Palestine. I had the privilege of serving for the UNESCO Ramallah Office for more than 9 years, working on issues concerning culture, education and development. I had the opportunity to take part in establishing policies and practices for the safeguarding of Intangible cultural heritage, in addition to developing best practices to foster social cohesion.

My MA thesis was about Palestinian Intangible Cultural Heritage: Traditional Dance ‘Dabkeh” as a Case Study. I focused on the how the structure of Palestinian traditional dance evolved, and its relation to the transformation of Palestinian society in the years 1944-1955, 1975-1989 and 1995-2007.

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anglais, arabe