Društvo za digitalizaciju tradicijske kulturne baštine


Contact: + 387 63 375 668
Adresse postale: Dobri? bb 88220 Široki Brijeg
Couverture géographique de l’expertise de la ONG: Bosnie-Herzégovine

URL: https://www.drustvozadtkb.org

Date de création: 2008

Mesure de sauvegarde:

- identification, documentation, recherche (dont la réalisation d'inventaires)
- préservation, protection
- promotion, mise en valeur
- transmission, éducation (non-)formelle

Principaux domaines de travail liés à la Convention:

The Society for DTCH's work is based on the collection, processing, promotion of materials on ICH as well as the organization of education and events related to ICH through several different activities.


The Society for Digitization of Traditional Cultural Heritage (abbreviated: Society for DTCH) seeks to make visible elements of intangible cultural heritage (abbreviated: ICH), its heirs, events at which it is regularly presented, the environment of its origin and residence to the general population, especially young generations, and an interesting way of following the guidelines of the profession.