Noregs Ungdomslag (NU)


Contact: +47 24 14 11 10
Adresse postale: Øvre Slottsgate 2b, 0157 Oslo
Couverture géographique de l’expertise de la ONG: Norvège


Date de création: 1896

Mesure de sauvegarde:

- identification, documentation, recherche (dont la réalisation d'inventaires)
- préservation, protection
- promotion, mise en valeur
- transmission, éducation (non-)formelle
- revitalisation

Principaux domaines de travail liés à la Convention:

Our organization consists of 19 regional and 328 local branches, with a combined number of 13.384 members (31.desember 2019). Our local branches run activities for children, young adults and adults. Activities vary, but the main purpose of all local branches is to create safe and including spaces and cultural activities in their communities. Many local branches maintain and refurbish community houses owned by themselves.


The Norwegian Youth Association’s objective says that “Through popular cultural activities, Noregs Ungdomslag (NU) shall create engagement and thriving local environments.” In this, there is a fundamental understanding that we shall do cultural work in local communities all over Norway. This work is done through local and regional courses, publications, competitions, gatherings and meetings.


The Norwegian Youth Association consists of 328 local and regional branches spread across the entire country. The number of members in our sub-organizations vary from 5 to 700. We continuously cooperate with our local and regional branches to provide educational activities, courses, events, membership services and informational work.