Udruga hrvatskih amaterskih kulturno umjetničkih društava u Bosni i Hercegovini


Contact: +387-63 548 851
Adresse postale: Rodoč b.b. 88 000 Mostar
Couverture géographique de l’expertise de la ONG: Bosnie-Herzégovine

URL: https://www.uhakud.ba

Date de création: 2001

Mesure de sauvegarde:

- identification, documentation, recherche (dont la réalisation d'inventaires)
- préservation, protection
- promotion, mise en valeur
- transmission, éducation (non-)formelle
- revitalisation

Principaux domaines de travail liés à la Convention:

Each member association which has an authentic folklore group in its composition participates in the organization of the festival, researches the customs in their area, every two years obligatory presents a new programme on the stage- a stage presentation of a different custom from their area. Documentation on the research and the customs are delivered to the UHAKUD association in Bosnia and Herzegovina. If the local group needs a professional assistance for the realization if its programme, it will require the involvement of experts of certain profile through the mediation of UHAKUD association. When presenting the customs on the stage at festivals of authentic folklore groups the coordination of the customs, dance, costumes, music and language is monitored, as well as the equipment on stage which also needs to be coordinated with the time and space from which the custom originates. The groups are trying to present all elements as authentic as possible. The Board of Experts takes minutes, and after the festival discusses with the leader of each group about all elements of the programme on the stage. The minutes that are delivered by the Board of Experts afterwards, also contain recommendations for further work of the groups on certain elements. In addition to such a stage performance of the customs, parades are also a part of the festival, together with traditional handicraft workshops, traditional cuisine, and traditional social or sport games for adults and children. The records are kept in the same way for all elements of the festival. The Board of Experts consists of competent persons, whether they are employed as expert associates from BiH institutions, or are volunteer members of certain associations. All events are followed by the press, radio and TV stations. We have several journalist associates who are regularly monitoring our activities for the purpose of promotion and documenting.


Care to preserve original national costumes, requisites, instruments, customs, music, dance and the overall folk creativity; Stimulation, protection, promotion and supervision of the work of cultural clubs- members of the association; Care for and participation in organizing social events and competitions; Organizing the education of professional workers, activities on the programme of professional work and the care for these programmes; especially stimulating and promoting the involvement and activism of children and youth. The practice of the programme of the festivals of authentic folklore groups (10 local festivals and one on state level every year), which according to the Regulations include stage presentation of the customs, traditional handicrafts workshops, traditional cuisine, exhibitions and a roundtable at which the representatives of the associations, which are participating in the festival, discuss the presented programmes with experts from various fields. The minutes, audio and visual recordings of the manifestation and all programmes are archived afterwards, what makes this association a centre which documents the status of intangible cultural heritage on the field, the number of holders of certain elements of heritage and which monitors the status of the elements and the interest of local communities for preserving certain elements. Annual plan predicts the needs for informal education of particular groups or persons, in order to improve programmes or preservation of elements which are most endangered. The association organizes seminars in cooperation with experts and educational institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


The association is the union of local groups. The founders are local communities who want to preserve, transmit their cultural heritage to new generations and to promote it. The initiative for all activities comes from local communities -the holders of the elements of intangible cultural heritage. This association serves to those local communities. Average citizen has a high level of awareness for the importance and necessity for preservation of intangible cultural heritage. The association has no employee, all services are done voluntarily, without compensation. That is why on the level of administrative bodies there is no other interest than contribution to the realization of the objectives that are set by the Assembly of the Association. The respect for the local communities and individuals, who are the holders and transmitters of the elements of intangible cultural heritage, is woven into the system of the work of the association. Across implementation a special project of preservation of traditional Konjic woodcarving (2009-2011, project supported by MDGF Programme Culture for development), we assured agreements by: Konjic Municipality, Museum of woodcarving "Mulicev rekord", owners of local woodcarving shops, tourism Boards and woodcarvers, independent if they were employed in someone of shops or not.