CIOFF България


Contact: +359 87 94 01 191
Adresse postale: zh.k Sveta Troica bl. 173, entr. G, 7 fl., ap 112 1309 Sofia
Couverture géographique de l’expertise de la ONG: Bulgarie


Date de création: 2002

Mesure de sauvegarde:

- promotion, mise en valeur
- transmission, éducation (non-)formelle
- revitalisation
- Cultural exchange

Principaux domaines de travail liés à la Convention:

The enumerated in point 5 objectives of the organization are realized by: - Placing invitations for participating in International Folklore Festivals to different Bulgarian folklore ensembles. The invitations are on CIOFF’s side or from other organizations; - Investigation of possibilities for Bulgarian ensembles to visit countries preferred by them; - Insurance of possibilities for mutual visiting of Bulgarian collectives and foreign groups; - Regular organization of national reviews where the presentation and the artistic qualities of the ensembles from the country are evaluated. In the reviews participate more than 200 ensembles, the best of which are specified as “Representative ensembles of the National section of CIOFF”; - Popularization of the Bulgarian folklore art by all legally permitted forms and resources; - Providing of information about organized festivals of CIOFF, symposiums, conferences, seminars and other activities related with folklore and traditional arts; - Formation of own informational data base concerning the professional and unprofessional folklore formations in Bulgaria; - Realization of partnership, organizational and methodical co-operation to the Folklore festivals in Bulgaria. NS CIOFF Bulgaria organizes the International Folklore Festivals in Veliko Tarnovo and Sofia, co-operates in the organizing of the CIOFF festivals in Varna, Plovdiv, Dorkovo - Maintenance of a web page on Internet - Organization of annual meetings of the choreographers in Bulgaria. At those meetings the award “Golden yoke” is bestowed for entire contribution to the development of Bulgarian folklore and its popularization; - Participating in the celebrations of national feast with different projects.

Projets ou initiatives pertinents

CIOFF Bulgaria, la branche nationale du CIOFF à Sofia travaille pour la sauvegarde et la dissémination de la culture traditionnelle à travers des activités comprenant la promotion du patrimoine immatériel partout dans le monde, à travers des formes d’expression comme la danse, la musique, les jeux, les rituels, les coutumes et autres arts. Elle supporte et créée les conditions permettant un échange culturel actif.


National section of CIOFF Bulgaria works for the safeguarding and dissemination of traditional culture. Through its activities the organization aims for the following main objectives: - Development of the cultural exchange between the nations and popularization of the Bulgarian folklore in our country and abroad - Co-operation in organizing international folklore festivals in our country and abroad - support the activities of its members and those of non-governmental organizations, working in the areas of folklore and cultural heritage - promote the intangible heritage from all over the world, through forms of expression such as dance, music, games, rituals, customs and other arts - enrich the knowledge of the nations for the folklore wealth - support and create conditions for active cultural exchange - serve the cause of peace and non-violence through the implementation of the above objectives - serve the objectives of UNESCO


All our work is related with different folklore ensembles, choreographers, musicologists and people who make efforts to revive Bulgarian traditions and folklore which nowadays are put aside. At the National reviews our jury of specialists meets more than 200 collectives, evaluates their qualities and their art. The Section communicates with those groups as to organize participation for them in different Festivals and Folklore events all over the world. We assist concerts and presentations of those ensembles. For better communication with all those collectives from different parts in Bulgaria the section collaborates with 24 choreographers who are responsible for particular regions of the country. Meetings with those coordinators are organized frequently and any needed and important information is given to them. More than 150 choreographers from the country take part in the annually organized seminars of the choreographers in Bulgaria. At those events are discussed different problems related with the folklore and its popularization. In many of our activities we co-operate with the Ministry of Culture, with the Union of the cultural clubs in Bulgaria, and with different organizations working in the cultural domain. During the organization of the Festivals in Sofia and Veliko Tarnovo we co-operate with a lot of people who have experience in the folklore sphere in order to choose groups of a great quality fot the Festivals and to present them our traditions in best way.